CAPTCHA WORK (data entry)

CAPTCHA WORK (data entry) 24/7 Login

We are looking for additional team and individual who are serious, dedicated, responsible and can commit to the job that who can be part of our team also. We are targeting 500,000 daily entries to deliver.

-Captcha work is 24/7 login.

-OPEN TIME Schedule (You can work anytime 24/7 if you will give a good accuracy.. but we would like to remind around 11:00am-1:00pm & 6:00pm-9:00pm PHT very few delivery of images. Other than that time you can good get loading of images. But if you fail to give a good accuracy you can work only usual time of 10:00pm-9:00am PHT.)

-ID will get banned if have a bad accuracy.

*With GOOD INTERNET connection.
*Good typing speed with good accuracy.
*With Firefox, IE, Chrome Browser

Rates: (FIXED)
--3000 daily entries-up
$.90 per 1000 correct entries
--2000-2999 daily entries
$.85 per 1000 correct entries
--1000-1999 daily entries
$.80 per 1000 correct entries
--1-999 daily entries
$.75 per 1000 correct entries

You will not get paid if your ID get banned

Payment Process Daily (with cycle) (Paypal or GAF)

Days of work --- Days of Payment
(cutoff work time every 7:00pm PHT)--(Payment will send usual time 8:00am-10:00am PHT)
Monday --- Wednesday
Tuesday --- Thursday
Wednesday --- Friday
Thursday --- Saturday
Friday --- Sunday
Saturday --- Monday
Sunday --- Tuesday

Paypal Payment -
..No Charge for sending payment if you are personal account but if you are premiere or business account and asking for fee we will charge that fee to your account.

GAF Payment -
..We charge the GAF fee for depositing fund to our GAF account to send payment with your GAF account.

PAYMENTS IS GUARANTEED for those who can follow simple instruction and other rules.

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